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Our Methodology



Studio 96 first operates along the logic of success in numbers. No project begins before defining a key set of quantitative performance goals that our client is hoping to hit. This makes all content meaningful and ensures accountability.

After the identification of KPIs, we leverage a battery of data sources to calculate and curate a unique Content Roadmap. Every client’s Roadmap includes quantitative insight on their audience and competition, identifies optimal topics and headline structures, and pinpoints prime social channels to reach target audiences, among other things. From our own curated data to the prolific databases of our partners, our expert researchers glean a detailed quantitative understanding of what kinds of content our client should be making.

Deliverable: Content Strategy Roadmap




We believe that while numbers are incredibly helpful, they only tell part of the story in our research. The rest is told by research that illuminates the people behind those numbers. Half of understanding customer base is to remember that they’re viscerally, tangibly human with the same fears, loves, and interests as us behind the scenes. That’s what separates our work from much of the internet’s dribble and noise; our client’s content resonates with our audience because we’ve tried to step into their shoes using ethnographic research. It is only with this deep empathy that the best content can be created.

Deliverable: Audience Ethnography and Prototypes




There’s a paradox in marketing: even when us marketers understand what the customer wants, we still must stun them with something they’ve never seen before.

That’s why we carefully select our team of award-winning, talented artists, designers, and writers, whose work can both speak to audience preferences and still inspire with new perspective — all without fail.

This photo was taken by a Studio 96 photographer.

Deliverable: Comprehensive Content Packages

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To get a comprehensive breakdown of our offerings, see Content Packages: