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Content Packages

A comprehensive breakdown of our content creation services, capabilities, and packages.


Testing the Waters

This package is for those who’ve heard the singing praises of content marketing and are looking to test it out for themselves. Well-suited for a small business or a new experimental brand, the Testing the Waters Package includes the equivalent of*:

  • Content Strategy Roadmap

  • 1 Editorial Calendar/month

  • 5 Short articles/month

  • 1 Long Article/month

  • 5 Social Media Posts

  • 2 Hours of Distribution Services/month

Pioneering Publisher

The Pioneering Publisher package is a strong fit for those who’ve seen success in content marketing and are looking to become a regular publisher. This package is designed to dramatically boost SEO and grow a unique, niche audience. This package includes the equivalent of:

  • Content Strategy Roadmap

  • 1 Editorial Calendar/Month

  • 8 Short Articles/month

  • 3 Long Articles/Month

  • 1 Infographic

  • 1 Photography Session

  • 15 Social Media Posts

  • 5 Hours of Distribution Services/Month

Full Stack Content Marketer

For the die-hard content marketing fan, we’ve got our Full Stack Plan. Here, we'll take the reigns to build a comprehensive publication for your brand. Designed to produce as much content as any regular online editorial publication, this package includes:

  • Content Strategy Roadmap

  • 1 Editorial Calendar/Month

  • 20 Short Articles/Month

  • 8 Long Articles/Month

  • 5 Infographics/Month

  • 2 Photography Sessions

  • 1 Video

  • Unlimited Social Media Hours

  • Unlimited Distribution Services


Interested in pricing?


* “This package includes the equivalent of” *

The listed deliverables within each package indicate the equivalent value of content a client would receive for that package. All packages include a Content Roadmap and Editorial Calendar. While these deliverables listed are well suited for the average product or technology company, every audience is different. The purpose of the Content Roadmap is to inform what content formats are appropriate for a particular audience. For example, one brand’s audience may prefer longer thought pieces to shorter informational tidbits. In that case, a Testing the Water Package may include 3 short articles and 2 long.

In sum, we create content fit for our client’s unique audience while keeping within the approximate pricing structure of our three packages.