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Your Content Roadmap: Perspectives in Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology


Welcome to Chapter 2 of Your Content Roadmap!

For the crypto-fans (much of our clientele!) who love the space but struggle figuring out who knows what part of the space, this is for you.


We’re covering the Blockchain/cryptocurrency space separately from FinTech, which we covered in Chapter 1, because there’s enough great insight here to warrant its own feature. Trends that we didn’t foresee cropped up in this section, all leading up to one great realization if you’re working in the space:

more so than in other any other industry analyzed for this series, there’s a tremendous opportunity to own content marketing in crypto.

Here’s why:

Let’s begin with our trusty report.

Companies included in our analyses:  Coinbase, Circle, 21 Inc., Ripple, Bitfury, Blockstream, Blockchain, Smartereum, Kraken, Bitfinex, Digital Asset, Bitmain, Canaan Creative, r3, Paxos, Coinsetter, and 37 Coins.

Companies included in our analyses: Coinbase, Circle, 21 Inc., Ripple, Bitfury, Blockstream, Blockchain, Smartereum, Kraken, Bitfinex, Digital Asset, Bitmain, Canaan Creative, r3, Paxos, Coinsetter, and 37 Coins.


Crypto Goes Viral Because No One Gets It Yet

The most glaring difference between crypto and other industries (not just FinTech) is how absolutely viral this content is. Proportionally, top content is linked an average of 1,869 times. That’s 6.6X the overall average category links of 282.

Shares are also on fire. Average crypto content shares are 13.5K, well above the overall 4.8K average (keep in mind, we’re analyzing the top 100 shared articles in each industry as it is! You’re not a failure if your first piece does not get 10K shares. See our methodology.)

These high shares and links have to do with so little bodies and organizations speaking with authority in a space where there is immense thirst for knowledge. How do we know?

As the graph shows, straight up news performs the best in terms of shares and links; breaking company/industry news, CNN type of news. It appears that think pieces have overall low performance.

However, in reality, there’s just a low volume of thought leadership content being created in the space at all among these big brands. Since we used weighted averages to calculate the shares, the low volume of these pieces makes the category appear as though it's performing worse than the others. So,

if the most viral thing being shared is news because it’s practically the only thing being shared, seize the opportunity to own something else.

In other words, high news shares means that there’s a lot of room for brands to build an audience around their ideas in the space.

Think and Publish About Your Corner of the Crypto World

Part of the reason that news is produced at such a high rate is because the industry itself is so new. People need facts about the industry first, and then perhaps they’ll be able to digest thought pieces.

There is a low volume of think pieces (again, among brands; there are loads of independent editorial publications in the space) because it is difficult to create valuable, thoughtful analysis in the blockchain/crypto space that is digestible to a large enough audience while also running a crypto business. If you’re analyzing this system, it means you’re already on its bleeding edge of innovation, and only a handful people will understand or appreciate your analysis.

Still, if you’re a founder in the space I doubt your short on ideas. Figment Networks, for example, a Studio 96 client, is truly leading the torch in their thoughtful analysis of strengths of the Proof-of-Stake network model. Their Evaluating a Cosmos Validator Series is a perfect example of thoughtful analysis of their role in the larger blockchain/crypto ecosystem.

One concession: I’ve seen a a fair share of thought pieces in the crypto/blockchain on Medium, in blogs like Hackernoon and, of course, Figment Networks’. But that’s just on one platform; the field is relatively wide open for someone to own a niche in the space on LinkedIn, say.

Our advice would be to get your foot in the door as soon as possible and start creating content with any sort of slightly nuanced idea, and you’ll probably be the first to do it.

Summary: What does this mean for you?

  1. Most brands are producing news, and their content gets shared fast. This also means there’s opportunity to build an audience around your brands’ new, thoughtful analysis of the industry.

  2. There’s a lot of thought leadership in the space on Medium. Own another platform; start an email newsletter or build an audience on LinkedIn or Reddit.

TLDR: Get Your Crypto/blockchain blog started ASAP! Share ideas, not just news! Explore many platforms!

Perspective Definitions

1. Company Highlights/Updates: News coming out of the company, like a new partnership, new executive, or financing round announcement. This is pretty standard across every industry. This excludes news about products themselves.

Prototypical Headline: Ripple and Its Executives Proud to Support America’s Public Schools with $29 Million XRP Donation to

2. Product Updates: Articles covering products belonging to the brand who’s doing the blogging.

Prototypical Headline: Adding Ethereum Classic Support to Coinbase

3. Industry Report: This includes coverage of products or updates not specific to the company but nonetheless earn sufficient coverage in the industry. This can also be market reports or partnership announcements (this doesn’t have to include the brand itself).

Prototypical Headline: Ethereum Classic (ETC) is currently being 51% attacked

4. Industry Thinking: This includes everything that’s not explicit news, such as system guides, how to’s, industry predictions, etc. Anything that requires a bit of rumination, really.

Prototypical Headline: The Inherently Decentralized Nature of XRP Ledger

Crypto folks, thanks for reading our second chapter in Your Content Roadmap. For more insights like this for your unique brand, reach out to us at or send me a message!

I would love to hear back from readers if there’s any other insight you’d like to see included in this space? If you have any questions, either about platforms, formats by industry, or headline structures, perhaps?

As always, please please feel free to include any comments or questions you have, and I’ll write back!

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