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What Does Studio 96 Do?


I’ve that saying you sell “content”, implying articles, quizzes, infographics, etc. rings strange to the ear of traditional businesspeople; the sort I grew up around who sell tangible things like food, buildings, printing, whatever. To many its confusing, the value unclear.

So, to clarify what my team and I do in a better way, I’ve answered some FAQ:

What do we do?

We produce meaningful content—blog posts, infographics, white papers, etc.— at scale for thoughtful, radically innovative brands. Powered by a freelance network of award-winning journalists, we deliver accountable content that measurably builds thought leadership, brand awareness, and conversions.

That means we create everything from blog posts for a brand’s publication, edits and layouts for a magazine, videos for a Facebook page, or Insta-ready photographs. Everything we create, write, or develop is highly strategized based on industry and audience insights. We also offer distribution services, streamlining effective and strategic publication of newly created content.

We’ve broken down these services into different sized offerings and packages, which can be viewed here.

What makes us special?

Our dual-sided research approach that incorporates quantitative data analyses and qualitative ethnography.

For example, with us, our client can discover that their audience is 69% more likely to read the New York Times than the Wall Street Journal, is 30% more likely than the average person to read long articles than Buzzfeed-type lists, and is partial to eating outside more than inside. We also learn why a client’s competitors are catching their audience while others aren’t. Only with comprehensive knowledge of a content landscape do we begin the creation process.

We’re excited, too, because really bright statisticians and marketers are constantly developing better tools to pinpoint audiences and habits, rendering our strategy and content increasingly accurate. For our clients, this means a better calculated ROI.

What kinds of companies do we work with?

We work mostly with digital to consumer and business to business software brands. This is because there are great tools out there for enterprise-level content production, but not so much for the smaller guys. Ironically, it’s the growing companies that need content most, because it’s best leveraged as a growth marketing tool.

In this effort, we charge up to 50% less for the same services than comparable marketing agencies (TLDR: content creation is heavily marked up and we’re trying to scale and fix it!). Our pricing is based on the size package a client chooses.

What’s the return?

Studio 96 creates content built to optimize website visits, social media following and engagement, search ranking, page engagement, lead generation, and sales. Because each client has a different goal to achieve with their content, we work together to define key performance indicators in onboarding, and iterate content throughout the contract to ensure measurable, accountable performance. Example KPIs include website traffic, keyword rankings, bounce rates, read-through rates, inquiry form completions, sales dollars, likes, shares, and following.

So what?

I think that considering how businesses can improve the world is more prevalent today than ever. With my background and passions, media is my place. You can read more here about how I got into the content game.

With that, I founded Studio 96 in response to the circulation of content that’s pointless, useless, fake, or feels like a waste of time. I believe promoting authentic content with intellectual integrity is a solution to the internet’s dribble, and at Studio 96 we’re set out to make it happen. Check out our mission to learn more about why we have such conviction in this process.



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