Studio 96

About Us

Studio 96 is a content marketing firm powered by award-winning journalists, artists, data strategists, and designers.

Live from the stage/Studio 96 workspace

Live from the stage/Studio 96 workspace


Our Mission

Studio 96 is committed to producing content with intellectual integrity, reflective of both the creator’s and the brand’s skill, potential, and individualism.  

Our Story

Founded by Aya Abitbul, Studio 96 sprouted as a result of her not knowing where exactly she fit in. She has experience telling stories through graphic design, web design, videos, data visualizations, and, of course, plain old writing. In content strategy, she serendipitously found a perfect combination of it all.

Our methodology reflects the interdisciplinary nature of our team, too. From tech wizzes to visionary journalists to straight-edged analysts, Studio 96 has got it all. Founded on the pillars of logic, empathy, and vision, our unique methodology has enabled our success in telling stories of brands across a gamut of industries.

At the end of the day, our passion lies in discovering qualitative characteristics through the lens of quantitative insights, in order to ultimately tell engaging, powerful stories for brands.

If you’d like to learn more, visit our Methodology or reach out. We’d certainly love to hear from you.